5 ways to reduce high blood pressure easily without taking medication

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5 ways to reduce high blood pressure easily without taking medication

Another health problem. That Thai people have a lot is ” high blood pressure “, often found in working age to old age. People who weigh more than the standard and people with inappropriate eating habits

Although it is a very common symptom. And is one of the causes of other dangerous diseases. That can follow, but actually there is a simple way. That can be followed and can actually help reduce blood pressure. You may not always have to rely on specific medicines. Let’s share at สมัคร ufabet

5 ways to reduce high blood pressure easy without taking medication

  1. measure blood pressure every day

We can measure our blood pressure ourselves. With a reliable over-the-counter monitor. Having a blood pressure monitor at home can indicate long-term complications better than hospital measurements And our lives are often at home more regularly. Measuring at home will also indicate a person’s blood pressure. That’s better.

Blood pressure should be measured daily, twice a day. When waking up in the morning (1 hour after waking up) and at bedtime. (If anyone is taking medicine to treat high blood pressure symptoms Measure your blood pressure before taking medicine, both after waking up and before going to bed.)

  1. exercise

Another important factor that will help your return to normal. Exercising regularly It will help blood pressure return to normal. By exercising appropriate for people. Is exercise for the heart (cardio), exercise that makes the heart beat faster. Feeling short of breath during exercise such as brisk walking, jogging, cycling, swimming, aerobics, etc.

For people who have never exercised, are in the elderly, or weigh much more than the standard. Recommended brisk walking Or aerobics in easy, gentle positions to feel a little tired. Not too tired It is recommended to exercise for at least 30 minutes, 3-5 days per week, or 150 minutes per week.

If your blood pressure exceeds 180/100 mm Hg. You should always avoid exercise and consult your doctor first. Including patients with other congenital diseases such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, and others, should consult a doctor for proper exercise methods again.

  1. Reduce salty foods Eat more fruits and vegetables

Salty foods can be found in general Thai foods that are seasoned heavily salty, such as papaya salad, various salads, fish curry or other menus. Including food that has a lot of sauces such as sukiyaki and instant food such as instant noodles, ham, sausage, canned fish, frozen food, pickled food, etc. should be reduced. and reduce added seasoning

Eating salt will make high worse. Reducing salt is reducing sodium to less than 2 grams per day, which is equivalent to 1 teaspoon of table salt per day, or if compared to soy sauce, seasoning sauce. Fish sauce will be about 4 spoons per day.

In addition to reducing saltiness You should eat more vegetables and fruits instead, in the amount of 20-30 grams per day, which can help reduce. But if you are a patient with kidney disease Again, you should consult your doctor about which fruits and vegetables you should eat.

  1. Quit smoking, reduce alcoholic beverages

Smoking and drinking alcoholic beverages This makes high worse as well. It also increases the risk of dangerous complications that may follow.

For some people who are unable to quit drinking and smoking immediately You should seek advice from a doctor. Because at present We offer both occupational therapy and substance replacement medicine. That helps reduce symptoms during quitting alcohol and smoking.

  1. Take medicine as prescribed by the doctor See the doctor at every appointment.

For anyone who has already received treatment for high blood pressure with a doctor. You should take your medicine regularly and on time. and go see the doctor at every appointment for the doctor to evaluate the symptoms and receive proper treatment according to symptoms