9 forbidden foods with menstruation should avoid during menstruation

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I’m on my period and I want to eat a lot of this and that. Menstruators like us probably have the same problem, right? Hunger and wanting to eat everything before and during menstruation The type that can be called Enjoy Eating to the utmost, but, but, but! I’d like to tell all the girls that you can’t eat spicy sauce randomly. Because some foods are not suitable to eat. May result in fatigue and increasing the pressure causing menstrual cramps even more If this is the case What foods should you avoid during your period? Today let’s take a look together. 

9 foods that are forbidden during menstruation

1. Fatty meat

Any ladies who like to eat fatty parts of meat, especially pork belly. During your period, you should avoid it at all! Because most animal fats are saturated fats. And this fat is the cause of the pain. and various inflammations if menstrual pain is present and eat fatty meat as well Saturated fat in meat can make symptoms worse. It is better to avoid fatty meats and eat less fatty meats such as fish.   

3. Processed food

Although processed foods are convenient to eat, for women who are currently menstruating, Processed food is another thing that should be avoided. Especially processed foods that are high in sodium. Because it will cause bloating and discomfort. Therefore, eating fresh food is better than eating processed food, ladies.   http://ufabet999.app

3.Caffeine / Coffee

Of course, drinking coffee It’s almost another daily routine. But we would like to warn coffee lovers that drinking beverages containing caffeine during menstruation It will make menstrual pain worse. It also makes it difficult to sleep. And it also causes a depressed mood. Knowing this, you can avoid it.  

4.Ice cream

“During your period, do not eat ice cream.” I believe that many people have heard this sentence often. That is because Ice cream contains milk ingredients. And milk has a high fat content. In addition, whether it is butter, cream, cheese or food that contains cream and cheese. It will have the same effect as eating lean meat if eaten during menstruation. It can make menstrual pain worse. Therefore, it is best to avoid ice cream that contains milk ingredients.  

5. Desserts

Definitely a Han… When it comes to this type of food, it’s sure to make men with menstrual cramps tremble! That’s because dessert is what girls love. Most favor the most. Especially during menstruation, I often feel the urge to eat sweets. But I would like to tell all men and women that Eating sweets can make your menstrual symptoms worse. Because these desserts will only make your menstrual cramps worse than before. Therefore, during this time it is better to avoid eating desserts.   

6. Alcoholic drinks

Drinkers and drunkards come listen first. !Because if you drink alcohol during your period It will cause extreme menstrual cramps because alcohol has the same effect as drugs that reduce blood concentration. Therefore causing the blood circulation to increase. which causes a feeling of compression and discomfort These symptoms will start to occur after you drink it. If you don’t want your menstruation to be so bad that you can’t do anything. You should postpone drinking alcohol during menstruation.  

7. Spicy/spicy food

“It’s especially menstruating. The more you want to eat spicy food.” For any ladies who like to eat spicy food during their period. We warn you that Eating spicy food or food that is too spicy It may make you feel sick to your stomach. because of spicy food or the spicy food that we ate Resulting in stomach irritation. and although it does not directly affect the uterus But it can also cause you to have stomach upset, diarrhea, or nausea.   

8.Salty food/salt

For any menstruators who like to eat salty food in life. We would like to warn you that Eating food that is very salty will cause fluid retention in the body. which results in swelling have bloating and cause pain and tightness in the breast area    

9.Fermented food

When talking about fermented food Surely that would make many people feel sour. But for women who are during menstruation Fermented food is something that you should avoid! Because eating fermented food during menstruation Will cause the muscles of the intestines to contract. and symptoms like bowel movement occur or cause abdominal pain during menstruation And if you eat a large amount of fermented food. It may cause diarrhea.