Limitations of filler injections.

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As with all surgical treatments. Those who will undergo filler injections should be healthy, non-smokers, and mature enough to understand the potential undesirable results. Including risks and complications that may occur as a result.

However, not that the patient can inject any type of filler. A medical professional must assess the suitability of the type of filler. UFABET That should be used for the effectiveness of treatment and to minimize the risk of complications.

For the suitability of using each type of filler. The US Food and Drug Administration has approved temporary, injectable, absorbable fillers for the severe reduction of wrinkles and skin folds. Which can be injected to fill the lips, fill the cheeks and fix wrinkled hands in patients aged 21 years and over. While permanent fillers are used to inject to reduce nasolabial folds only. In addition, some fillers may be used to treat patients with abnormal facial fat distribution. Such as HIV-infected patients.

However, this filler injection is prohibited to be used for breast augmentation, buttock augmentation, and full foot shaping. or injected into the bone tendon or muscular decisively. And must be injected by a medical professional only. Because if injected in the wrong position. The filler may enter the blood vessels, causing a blockage of the blood vessels, leading to death of the affected area or even blindness. In addition, some illegal injectors may also use counterfeit fillers. Which is considered taboo and very dangerous.