Things to know before eating konjac.

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Konjac is a food produced from konjac trees. Popular to be made into strips or sheets, it is opaque and tasteless. This type of food usually does not contain nutrients such as vitamins. Or any minerals, but there will be a nutrient called Glucomannan. Which is one of the soluble fiber in relatively high amounts.

In addition to the benefits is also a food that you should know and be careful about eating as well, including UFABET

  • People who rarely eat foods that contain dietary fiber. Some abnormal symptoms may occur after eating or high-fiber foods. Such as gas in the stomach, abdominal pain, nausea, or diarrhea. 
  • Before eating, should be blanche until well cooked. 
  • For those who buy that has soak in water You may find that konjac tends to have a slight foul odor. by way of odor management Drain the water that came and wash the konjac thoroughly before cooking.
  • Glucomannan, a nutrient found May affect the work of diabetes medications or  certain drugs, so people with diabetes. People who are taking insulin  or other diabetes medications should consult a doctor before taking.

However, as mentioned konjac is a food that does not contain nutrients in the vitamin group. Or other minerals. Those who want to eat should add other foods to eat konjac as well. so that the body receives complete nutrition.