Four Key Differences Between Playing Poker Online and in the Casino

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Four Key Differences Between Playing Poker Online and in the Casino

When it comes to poker, there are many similarities you’ll find between playing the game in a physical casino and playing it online. However, several differences are present between the two options. On this page, I’ll present you with the four most common distinctions between playing poker online and in a casino. Using this page, you’ll be able to decide if one of them is a better fit for your unique needs.

Selection of Options

One of the primary differences you’ll immediately notice between playing poker in a casino versus online is the number of options you’ll have to choose from. Typically, brick and mortar casinos have a variety of different games and tournaments available. However, based on my experience, there’s often a more solid lineup of possibilities when playing online.

Physical Tells

When playing poker, looking for physical tells is one of the best ways to get a feel for if your opponent has the nuts or is on a big bluff. No matter if you’re watching the pulse of their neck or their eyes, there are many ways to use these tells to gauge the potential strength of their hand.

However, if you’re big into reading physical tells like I am, then you’ll need to learn to adapt when playing online. Sadly, you won’t be able to check other players’ physical looks to help you determine your next move. Instead, it’s even more important when playing online to pay attention to their playing style even when you’re not in the hand.

One of my favorite things to do is take advantage of the notes section on many of the popular online poker sites. Using these, you can type notes on each player, which only you can see. For example, if you notice a player tends to bluff often, you can make a note of it in the notes section. Then, if you end up in a hand against them, you can consult your notes to help you determine your next move against the player based on how they’ve previously played hands.

Potential Prize Pools

The reason behind this is simple. It all comes down to how many folks are available to play. For a brick and mortar casino, there’s only a certain amount of people willing to get there to play poker. However, with online poker, folks can virtually join the tournaments from anywhere around the globe. In turn, this allows the number of entrants and the prize pools to swell quickly.

Time Limits to Act

The final key difference between playing poker online or in a casino relates to the amount of time you have to act when it’s your turn to check or bet. When playing in a home game, you’ll often have the most relaxed time limits, as these home games tend to be mostly friendly without any set time restraints. However, if you end up taking too much time too often, you’ll be sure to upset the other players at your table.

Similarly, when playing the game in a casino, things still tend to be mostly relaxed with player time limits to act. Ultimately, the other players can call clock on you if they feel you’re taking too long to move the action along. Here, you’ll have a little less flexibility than a home game, but still much more time to act than a typical online poker game at UFABET.