Cristiano Ronaldo presses the penalty! Bruno scores two goals to beat Ghana 3-2

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Cristiano Ronaldo presses the penalty! Bruno scores two goals to beat Ghana 3-2.

Portugal invaded throughout the first half, but could not finish until the second half, Cristiano Ronaldo unlocked for the youngsters. By calling a penalty and killing himself And then the job was almost ruined by Andre Ayew’s equalizer. Luckily, soon After Bruno Fernandes provided two assists to put the team ahead. But at the end there was a thrill because Ghana chased up again. Finally, Fernando Santos’ team kept the score, slashed 3-2, leading the crowd.

Santos uses a 4-3-3 Costa plan to guard the post, Danilo stands in center pair, Dias, left-right back is Guerrero and Cancelo, in the middle there are Neves, Otavio, B. Runo, the attacking line, Bernardo and Felix support Ronaldo, who wears the captain’s armband and stands in front of goal. Commanded by Ayew, Kudus, Iggy, dangerous in attack.

From the corner kick, the defensive line, Ghana, has extract and Otavio collects from the second row and shoots the right-hand counter. Ball out of bounds

Ronaldo slipped and shot to save. Portugal cut the game in the middle of the field, Otavio pass through the hole for Ronaldo to slip into the penalty area. But caught a little too long when the shot hit Tziki, who came out to block.

From the corner kick, Portugal play short and allow Guerrero to open to the second post, Ronaldo jumped high to beat the Ghana defensive line. But tackles some hits Only then the ball fell out of frame.

Doe shot in and caught for foul. Felix slammed the ball into the penalty area push Djiku down. Then turned to shoot with the right, sending the ball into the far post. But the referee catches the foul first.