De Bruyne admits Belgium are in poor form but finish with three points

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De Bruyne admits Belgium are in poor form. But finish with three points.

Belgium Kevin De Bruyne admitted. After the game that he didn’t think he had a satisfactory performance. After a 1-0 win over Canada in the team’s first group game of the 2022 FIFA World Cup.

Mitchie Batshuayi scored the only goal late in the first half as Canada had plenty of chances here. Including a penalty early in the game. That Alphonso Davis shot to save Thibold Courtois, ending the first game with a victory for Belgium. Completely held the leader of the group

“We didn’t play well enough as a team. As for me, I don’t think I have a great game. I don’t know why I got this trophy. Maybe because of my name I’m honored in Canada We can’t beat their pressing game. We didn’t play well in this game. Me too, but in the end we found a way to win in the end,” said De Bruyne. 

Over the course of the game, Canada created 22 chances, while Belgium made less than half. But at the end of the game, three points were with them, with the next game Belgium facing Morocco while Canada facing Croatia.