Japan shock the world over Germany in the World Cup

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Japan shock the world over Germany in the World Cup.

Japan made a surprise comeback to beat Germany 2-1 thanks to goals from Ritsu Doan and Takuma Asano after falling behind in the first half thanks to Ii’s penalty. Lakai

Gundogan 90min Compilation of hilarious reactions after the victory of Asian champions in the Qatar 2022 World Cup.

1. Rudiger’s run

Racist or not racist. I don’t know. But for sure the Japanese side laughs later.

2. Bluelock is here

Manga artist’s lines Blue Lock Celebrates the victory of the Japanese national team

3. Arigato, Dear Boss

A Japanese fan in the stadium held up a sign thanking the boss for two weeks of vacation.

4. Close Shibuya Chalongchai intersection

The Japanese crowded down to celebrate their triumphant goal at the rumored Shibuya intersection before sprinting back to the sidewalk when the signal turned green.

5. Oops

The Iron Eagles stand against FIFA’s deprivation of liberties, citing excessive penalties for wearing the One Love armband in support of LGBTQ+ people at the World Cup in Qatar in a pre-match photo session.

Just like Japan football fans with action taking photos after the victory. But of course, the intentions of the latter were not the those of the Iron Eagles.

6. Bochum celebrates Asano’s goal

Get out of the trap a bit. When Bochum of the Bundesliga. Takuma Asano’s agency in the German Bundesliga, celebrates the goal of the Japanese national team star with a parenthesis at the end: ‘Sorry, team. Germany’s national

7. So the national team teams.

The dressing room of the Japanese national team after the game against Germany, which was in immaculate condition, seemed to have not been used. It can be called the DNA of the Sun child from the football fans to the coaches-players team.