Spain 7-0 Costa Rica: Collecting issues after the 2022 World Cup game

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Spain 7-0 Costa Rica: Collecting issues after the 2022 World Cup game.

Tiki Taka comes back to life

Today, it must said that Spain is beyond expectation with the “tiki taka” style of football. That has returned to shake the throne again. After the fierce Spanish army used this style of play and reached the top in 2008. -2012, where today they show. That this squad looks good enough to compare with the 2010 world champions in terms of skill, agility, reading of the game and excellent sense of the ball. Received and passed the ball so smoothly that he made a record of 1,056 passes and 994 successful passes. Which is the highest number in the history of the World Cup final that the world has ever seen.

Costa Rica Scored 0 chances

It’s a sad game for Costa Rica football fans. Who today, apart from their devastating defeat, have hit by 7 goals that can’t beaten in all respects. Their offensive game still doesn’t seem to be effective enough to enter the type that the whole game throughout the 90 minutes can’t find a chance to shoot until Unai Simon almost doesn’t have to enter the field in this game.

The best defensive game is an effective offensive game.

Today, after seeing Spain’s line-up, the Spanish fans may have a bit of a chill with the name of Aymeric Laporte as the only natural center in the team. Before, after starting to play, there will be a partner from Man City, Rodri, stationed together. Spain But that seems to be a good thing, because in addition to a solid defensive game, especially dealing with Costa Rica’s speed, and the attacking play, both of them are excellent, knocking the sheep in the coordination with the 3 midfield bars. The Celona connection was so flawless that they almost didn’t have to play defensively as the team had almost one-sided possession of the ball throughout the game.

Gabi is the best young star in the world.

From before, Gabi, the talented Spanish midfielder of Barcelona, ​​had just won the best young star award from many institutions to win freshly, which this game show clearly the quality that he is truly worthy With a role in controlling the game in the middle of the field, following the ball, dragging the ball like a foot. Plus being involve with 3 goals. Both shooting and paying At 18 years and 110 days. He becomes the youngest Spanish player to score in a World Cup and third all-time in the competition.