Summary of the 2022 World Cup on Wednesday night, November 23

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Summary of the 2022 World Cup on Wednesday night. November 23: Croatia loses, Germany gets knock out, Spain presses 7, Belgium loses asthma.

Summary of the results of the 2022 World Cup. Wednesday, November 23, 2022 the field in the group stage of Group E and F. With the highlight being another favorite team. German Iron Eagle Army That shocked the world after Argentina. Which was beaten by teams from Asia like Japan. Overtaken to win in a fun way. The results of all competitions are as follows.

Croatia 0-0 Morocco

former vice-champion of the chess team Clearly had more possession from the start. But almost did not find a rhythm to penetrate the back line of Morocco. Causing most of the football to fight in the middle, While Morocco focused on playing tight, controlling the zone, controlling the area, making it impossible to find many chances to finish. Although both sides tried to solve the game, but could not do anything, at the end of the 90 minutes, the points were divide in a dull way in the early game.

Germany 1-2 Japan
(Gundokan 33 / Doan 75 Asano 83)

Iron Eagle Team Possessing the ball, attacking hard from the beginning of the game which has swayed and swayed many times Until the 33rd minute, David Ram was fouled in the penalty area and it was Ilkay Gundogan who did not miss the kill. But then in the second half, Japan tried to solve the game and opened up more offensive games. Having said that, they solved the game pretty much on point, especially the substitute players who came down to perform outstandingly until they managed to equalize in the 75th minute from Ritsu Doan before the end of the game, Takuma Ah. Sano will come to create a miracle shot in the 83rd minute, sending the samurai army to grab 3 important points to shock the world tonight.

Spain 7-0 Costa Rica
(Olmo 11, Asensio 21, Torres 31, 54 Gabi 74 Soler 90 Morata 90+2)

At the start of the game, it was an army of fierce bulls who were clearly better at holding the ball and finding a rhythm to finish the score and came to take the lead early in the 11th minute from Dani Olmo, who involved the ball and shot beautifully before 10. The next minute, Marco Asensio came to shoot with a narrow left until the 31st minute, Ferran Torres scored a penalty to give the team a 3-0 lead in the first half

after starting 45 minutes. After Spain seems to have not relaxe the game and the forward attacked hard and. Receive four balls from the same Torres in the 54th minute, later it was Gabi who came to hit the ball in the 5th minute in the 74th game, pretending to Finished with this score, but then in stoppage time, Costa Rica hit two more goals from Carlos Soler in the 90th minute and Alvaro Morata in the 90th minute + 2, ending the first game in the best possible way. in this World Cup

Belgium 1-0 Canada
(Batshuayi 44)

Another fun couple to fight, as Canada. Who started the game more gracefully in the rhythm of doing it and received a penalty in the first 10 minutes. But Alfonso Davies shot to save Courtois. In addition, after that, they also found opportunities to win many more endings. Pressing for Belgium to stay in the country until the 44th minute. Alderweireld arrived, Batshuayi pressed with a close left to the penalty area. Then in the second half, Canada tried to attack hard. But could only do almost and finish the game as Belgium who finally grabbed 3 points in a narrow way